Why wait till I'm dead

the legend lives now

Christiane D
Christiane Leach, aka Christiane D, is an award-winning, multi-talented Pittsburgh artistic force who for 20 years has fused the visual, spoken, performance and visual arts in an unending compendium of sounds, forms, shapes and words that represent her unique worldview and experience of living in it.

As a distinctive voice of the Pittsburgh arts scene, she is the winner of a 2010 August Wilson Center Fellowship, a 2007 honoree at the New Hazlett Theatre “Celebrating Women in the Arts, a 2003 winner of the Pennsylvania Council for the Arts Fellowship for World/Jazz/Blues musical composition, and a 2002 Pittsburgh Magazine “40 under 40” award winner. She has also received funding from Sprout for two MiniM Music Festivals for the Blues and Jazz genres and Listen to This, featuring poetess, Ursula Rucker; a commission from Pittsburgh Foundation to write her first play, Saffronia; funding from Multi-Cultural Arts Initiative to produce Saffronia and a grant from Advancing the Black Arts to market her second solo release, ANIMUS.

In her own words, Christiane D is “an artist making music . . . a poet singing songs . . . .a musician doing films . … a songwriter spinning text . … a visionary on an art journey.” “As a poet, artist, writer and musician, she has made building bridges between disciplines a major focus in her art. She is described by many as a passionately intense, husky-voiced sensual presence (Pittsburgh Tribune Review), which will turn your head and more than likely inspire you to shout, shake, rattle and heal.